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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-31)

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DWTS corsets wholesale Season 14: Week 6 Costume Critique My final perfect costume this week, was worn by Cheryl forher and William's Rumba. HerOmbre sheer, draped skirt on her costume was perfect. It was hand-dyed from a bronze to black. (No you can't buy fabric like this, it is painstakingly dyed by dipping it into the dye pot.) The lines, visual flow and details on this beautiful costume were impeccable. Just the right about of stoning was added, and the asymmetrical style gave so much visual interest, along with creating a very flattering style for Cheryl. The deep back with not too much strategically placed nude elastic to keep the costume in place, was lovely. The textured surface of William's shirt created a better look than if it had just been a plain satin. (It was a ‘crepe back satin' fabric.) The remainder of the lady's costumes were only slightly less stunning than those I've detailed so far. Maria's ‘liquid silver sequined' Fox Trot gown was simple and elegant, Chelsie's ruched and draped Rumba costume with feather tufts and stoned bra was interesting, young and flattering for her. Katherine Samba-ed in a beautiful gold mini-dress with very long tufts of chainette and beaded fringe – keeping her silhouette slim and trim, not bulky. The angle of her hemline was lovely and it was suitably glitzy. Melissa's bright green Viennese Waltz gown incorporated a criss-cross, ruched bodice and a drape on one of her shoulders. The dress was classy and flattering and I enjoyed the one side-slit in her long skirt (so she could do the ‘Angelina-Oscar pose' if she wished). The guy's coordinating outfits ranged from classically boring and impeccably tailored to nearly perfectly dip-dyed. I LOVED the Ombre, light to dark, satin charmeuse shirt worn by Roshon! Unfortunately the beige to brown didn't quite go with Chelsie's more peach palette.The guys all looked great, and waited until the Cha Cha Marathon to make me wince, when I was nearly blinded by Mark's outfit. What made it worse, was that on my television screen, his neon green clashed horribly with the neon green fringe on his partner's skirt. I was relieved to see that on my computer screen, the 2 greens nearly matched. Whew! But beware – unless 2 fabrics or a fabric and a trim are ‘dyed to match' they CAN and sometimes WILL appear to clash instead of match or coordinate, in different lighting. If you choose different textures, you may fare better in a ‘coordinated' color match rather than trying to match a matte to matte, or shiny to shiny. An example would be Donald's matte turquoise jacket with Peta's shiny, textured dress. They were not the exact same color, but because of the texture difference, they were pleasing to the eye, which tricked us into thinking they were a perfect match.All in all, except for the non-Motown for The Results Show, this was a beautifully costumed week – such a fabulous treat for my eyes!

Motown Week on Dancing With the Stars! Or so they said, wholesale halloween costumes anyway. I was thrilled (being a ‘baby boomer') with the song choices and entertainers for Monday night's show. But I was totally disappointed that The Results Show seemed to have lost the Motown Vibe. I am assuming this was to try and appeal to non-‘baby boomers'???

I wasn't disappointed, wholesale christmas costumes however with Brooke's attire, or with the outfits worn by The Troupe. AND the main attractions (the ‘Stars' and Pros) looked great. The hair people must have thought that the only ‘look' of the Motown era, was the beehive, seemingly incorporating it into nearly every coif. I grew up in this time frame, and neither my friends nor I ever donned a beehive hairdo! The Pixie-yes, the Flip-yes, Twiggy inspired-yes, and ironed hair-YES!

The Motown era was a time when all entertainers wore stage costumes: sometimes hokey, yes, but not the ragged street-wear that many rock era or grunge era entertainers embraced. This probably shaped my fascination with glitzy costumes. Paul Revere his Raiders, the Monkees, of course the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and then all the stars of Motown, from Aretha Franklin to the Jackson 5.

Gladys started out the competition in a gorgeous purple costume. It was a perfect example of creating a wonderfully flattering costume with the use of visual flow, created by diagonal lines and features. Lovely! Her design was suitable for ANY age or sized dance competitor. It was one of several that I scored as a big TEN. Tristan looked the part of a nerdy 60's boy band, but didn't impress me with his suit.

My other TENS were awarded to Donald and Peta, Jaleel and Kym, and to Cheryl. ALL the other ladies scored a NINE, with all the other guys no lower than EIGHT (and these, just for boring). I'm not counting the costumes for the Motown Cha Cha Marathon or the Dance Off, where the costuming was all pretty good, EXCEPT for the garish green on Mark and the naked top on Katherine with a sort-of matching garish green fringed skirt. Oh, how perfectly awful! And Melissa and Maks' custom dance costumes were at the bottom of the leader board, but above Mark and Katherine!

Back to the main part of the competition: Donald and Peta wore matchingturquoise. Peta'sFox Trot gown was made out of a textured fabric cut as a ‘middle-connect' dress (covered front with very open back) with a 60's flair. Rhinestones added sparkle and the thick ostrich feathers at the hem completed a beautiful design. Because the hemline was rather spare, the dress reminded me of the classic 1960's shift silhouette. The back dangling tendrils were a nice addition. Their costumes were color-on-color, which is so classy and sophisticated. Donald was also classy and sophisticated with his matching, bright double-breasted suit with black lapels, buttons and tie. I watched the 20-20 Special show, right after Dancing With the Stars and learned of the tailoring shop that currently creates all the men's costumes. Bravo!

Jaleel was also impeccably dressed in his shiny satin, deep green jacket with black trousers, shirt and vest. There was touch of black glitter (rhinestones most likely) on his vest. Another of my favorite color combinations included in the monochromatic palette is pairing light and dark shades of the same color. Kym Cha Cha-ed in a primly collared mint green frock, with that 60's flair. Her stoned bodice played well, against the satin collar and ruffled, dirndl skirt with a very fluffy petticoat. For my perfect score of TEN for this couple, I'm ignoring the annoying nude elastic ‘harness' on her back. Yes…real straps would have looked much better…


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