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by loverbeauty5 loverbeauty5 loverbeauty5 (2017-09-09)

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DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 22: Week 4 Costume Critique


Although itwas a magical Disney Night wholesale halloween costumes on this week's Dancing with the Stars, the costuming wasn't magical in my mind! As I run through my notes, I see that I didn't give any singularcostume a 10, much less a couple's costume a perfect score!

My favorite costumes this weekwere Val and Ginger's ‘Beauty and the Beast' Fox Trot costumes and Wanya and Lindsay's ‘The Lion King' Samba costumes. Both couples wore very ‘costumy' outfits, but they were still stylish, appropriate to their themes, yet not totally expected.

Minnie and swimwear manufacturer Mickey Mouse started off the show with very stylish and sassy silver costumes and they coordinated well with all the Pros in their sexy silver costumes. The Stars then added color to the palette when they paraded out onto the stage (Minnie's costume was very flattering for her physique!).

Antonia and Sharna danced a Jazzy routine to music from ‘Aladdin' with Antonio in a dapper white suit with gold vest and a touch of gold accessories/trim. Their costuming was nice, but nothing exceptional. Sharna was a classy Jasmine with skin-tight, oh-so-shiny satin leggings in lieu of harem pants. Her top with off the shoulder-drape was beautiful and coordinated perfectly with her very danceable, leggings.

Marla and Tony Waltzed to ‘The Little Mermaid' with Marla in a very elegant, sophisticated mermaid costume with foiled mesh skirt panels to show off her legs, while Tony was in more of a non-sophisticated tailcoat ensemble with the high boots of the Regency era. His blue and white costume with gold trim was ‘suitable' but nothing special.

The men were either in Regency era costumes or jungle-themed costumes this week, it seems! Nyle and Peta danced the Samba to music from ‘Tarzan', with Nyle sans-a-shirt and a loincloth skirt. Their costumes were monochromatic tan faux suede and very classy. Peta's costume included real straps and just a touch of glitz.

Doug and Karina danced a Jazz routine to ‘Mary Poppins' with ‘costumy' costumes. I really liked the added red braid detailing that was added to Doug's windowpane check vest – it was a classy addition to a costume that most men wouldlook great in. Under Karina's red coat, she wore a prissy backless white blouse with slim red bow tie and a simple, flowy high-low red skirt. Nothing special, but very suitable for their themed routine.

Kim and Sasha did the Quick Step to ‘The Jungle Book' with safari costumes. Kim was flattered better than last week, with her flowing, ankle-length yellow skirt that wasn't too slim in the hip area. Her ‘costumy' blouse was worn over a gold-rhinestoned leotard with leather belt and strapping ‘worked', but it wasn't very exciting. Sasha's khaki costume was traditionally cut, but then the comic theme kicked in with outlining pockets and such, with coordinating yellow trim. It demonstrated how to take a manufactured garment and make it a themed costume that anyone could achieve with a little sewing talent.

Jodie and Keo did the Cha Cha to ‘Zootopia' in nice bright costumes. Jodie's fringed dress was glitzy, and flattering with real straps and asymmetrical skirt. The combination of fuchsia/magenta and purple was my kind of color combo. But I didn't care for the cheap-looking white trim that separated her bodice from her skirt – it looked ‘stuck on' and out of place, and made her costume look more ‘costumy' and less classy. I loved Keo's shiny, fluid fuchsia shirt with rhinestone accents on the tips of his collar and rhinestones accenting some of the stripes on his tie. This embellishment was very classy, and it would be a simple addition to any man's shirt and tie.

Sometimes props are asimportant or even more important as the costumes used, and the Cinderella coach was a stunning prop for Von and Witney's Viennese Waltz to ‘Cinderella'. The metallic lace appliques with rhinestoning accented Von's Regency tail-coat costume, beautifully. Light blue collar and cuffs, along with the undersides of his tails added the ‘costumy' touch to their ensembles. And the lights added to Witney's beautiful blue gown added interest (but were not necessary, in my opinion) to her frothy costume. Their costumes were very elegant with just the right touch of glitz.

Ginger and Val danced the Fox Trot to ‘Beauty and the Beast' with another rendition presented by Artem and Edyta. Both couples were ‘costumy' yet elegant. My favorite Regency tailcoat was Val's gold trimmed red jacket. The simpleness of Ginger's costume was beautiful, while the detailing of Edyta's was also beautiful – showing two different interpretations for Belle.

The most unique costume this week, was worn by Wanya, while he danced the Samba with Lindsay to ‘The Lion King'. I truly enjoyed his creatively cut faux fur trimmed tunic and trousers with a touch of bedazzling. I was thrilled to see the close-up photo from the costume department that shows the detailing of animal print, rhinestoning and feather trim on Lindsay's lovely costume.

Probably my least favorite costumes this week, although very creative – just not in a sophisticated way, were worn by Paige and Mark as they Quick Stepped to ‘Toy Story'. Perhapsmy bias against plaid shirts is showing? I did enjoy Mark's cow print tail-coat and his fun shoes. Paige's cowgirl costume I found too ‘costumy' for my taste, but I did like her sunburst pleated Palazzo denim-esque pants and weird bustier. Although theylooked a little too-comic book for my tastes, they do illustrate what details you can incorporate to achieve a comic book character look without perfectly copying.

I have to confess that I literally dreamed of being a ‘Star' on Dancing with the Stars Monday night and it was a nightmare! The theme of the show was to surprise the dancers by televising uponwaking up in the morning…and it definitely wasn't glamorous! We all went on strike, packed our bags and left the set - of course with our mussed hair, no makeup and night apparel…oh my! I do feel confident, however, that this will never happen on the show! Thank goodness!

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